Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Quests Guide

Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Quests Guide

Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Quests Guide. Completing the History of Disease quest in Escape From Tarkov is easier said than done. But all in the name of medicine. The world of Escape From Tarkov holds secrets and information that various factions seek to obtain, for better or worse. Fortunately, The Therapist wants players to help her preserve vital medical information that is supposed to save lives.

Tasked with delving into dark, locked corridors to find the correct locked doors containing the proper documents. Players who complete the History of Illnesses will receive a decent reward for dangerous but straightforward jobs. But, unfortunately, when it comes to Tarkov, this is just another day at the office for gamers.

Paperwork And Closed Doors

Also, players must find the RB-KSM and RB-SMB keys to open the doors required to retrieve the necessary documents. Once these requirements meet, players can begin the quest to rescue two sets of medical records from the substantial building-filled treasure map.

Like other Tarkov maps, Reserve is packed with locations and spawns to loot valuables like bitcoin, guns, fuel, and first aid, but it’s fraught with danger. Players heading to the White Bishop Medical Building should come armed and armoured in anticipation of enemy players. Hostile NPCs looking to take their weapons and supplies from unsuspecting players.

Once More Into The Gap

When players arrive at White Bishop, the folders will be behind separate locked doors on the second floor. The room unlocked with the RB-SMP key will have the medical folder in a ground-level cabinet with bi-fold doors and debris on the tile floor. The folder finds at the bottom of a wooden shelf on the left side of the room. The second door opened with the RB-KSM key, wooden planks stacked next to it, and a dislocated ceiling lamp hanging low in the hallway.

Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date And Schedule Escape From Tarkov Disease

Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Quests Guide


Cleanup Date and Schedule, The date and schedule of the Escape From Tarkov Cleanup retain in the strictest confidence by Battlestate Games. We can roughly estimate when a cleanup action will occur in Escape From Tarkov, but you never know precisely. However, we can see when previous cancellations have occurred and guess when the next Escape From Tarkov date and cancellation will be. Use this Escape from Tarkov quest order guide to know the best way to level up while cleaning up early.

What is the cancellation of Escape From Tarkov

When a wipe occurs, all of your items, weapons, armour, and, you guessed it, money removes from your account in the form of a hard reset. Your account will then revert to its “original” state, depending on which edition of Escape From Tarkov you purchased. Wipes also force players to stop hoarding and using their items, as you never know when everything will disappear from the game. New content often includes further cleanups, including weapons, armour, things put in the game, and various balance changes.

Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes Escape From Tarkov Disease

Balance changes, bug fixes The patch notes for Escape From Tarkov have finally let go, and there is much to celebrate with these changes. A considerable discussion about audio and cheats in Escape From Tarkov since the last clean, and this patch continues to work on those issues. So if you want to recognize all the information about the Escape From Tarkov patch, you must keep reading because we have a complete list. Find out the best weapons in Escape From Tarkov with this comprehensive guide.

Escape From Tarkov patch notes.

Here are the full patch notes for Escape From Tarkov Including all upcoming changes and bug fixes to the game.

Balance Changes

Nvidia DLSS updated to version 2.5.1, and AMD FSR up to version 2.2. coast and hold sound settings configured. Adjusted audio settings for the streets of Tarkov. Cloud size and smoke grenade spread speed increased by 30%. They added an in-game email notification system for banned players based on player reports. Adaptation of the referencing user interface of an offer at the flea market considering the exclusion of barter offers. Extended Assessment Mission Area – Part 1.

Bug Fixes

They fixed one of the causes of disconnection when loading a raid. They set the lamppost flickering effect when overlapping obstacles. The problem appeared mainly at night on the streets of Tarkov. They fixed some texture memory leaks that caused excessive RAM usage when the game was running for a long time. They set incorrect visual effects for some buildings in the background of Tarkov Street. Fixed characters displaying incorrectly when two players attempted to wield stationary weapons at the same time. Fixed incorrect player spawn points on Lighthouse and Tarkov streets. They fixed an issue with loading an online raid after a co-op raid.

When Will The Escape From Tarkov Patch Patch Go Live.

The Escape From Tarkov patch started at 8 am BST and waited to last for three hours. So it awaited to end around 11 am BST / 3 am PT. While you wait for the patch to install, check out the best Escape From Tarkov settings to improve framerate and visibility. However, it’s pretty standard for these essential maintenance windows to be extended by an hour or two. So be sure to check the official Escape From Tarkov Twitter accounts for the latest updates. It is concludes the Escape From Tarkov patch notes, which contain all the necessary information about the latest changes and bug fixes.

Escape From Tarkov Player Count: How Many People Play Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov has greatly expanded its player base and has become one of the biggest FPS games on PC. You might want to know what Escape From Tarkov player is and how this famous and influential mining shooter stacks up in numbers. However, if you want to know what the Escape From Tarkov player count is, read on.

The leading cause of the Escape From Tarkov Error 504 Bad Gateway message is your failure to connect to the game’s servers. While this usually is out of your control regarding fixing the problem, there are a few things you can try to solve the issue. Hopefully, as a perpetually online game, Escape From Tarkov is likely to have points where the servers unexpectedly shut down. When this does happen, your only study of action is to wait it out. So, that’s how to fix Error 504 Bad Gateway in Escape From Tarkov, which should hopefully let you play the game once again.

How To Fix Bad Error Gateway In Escape From Tarkov

How To Fix Bad Error Gateway In Escape From Tarkov

The leading cause of the Escape From Tarkov Error 504 Bad Gateway message is the lack of connection to the game servers. Next, if he’s on your side, you can try to fix the problem. This includes restarting the router, checking the connection status on your computer. Then troubleshooting your network through your computer’s control panel. Since Escape From Tarkov is a persistent online game. There may be moments when the servers unexpectedly go down, and when that happens, all you have to do is wait. Hopefully, it will get you back to playing.


Escape From Tarkov Patch Notes. Balance Changes, Bug Fixes Over and Beyond. Here are the full mark notes for Escape From Tarkov, including all upcoming changes and bug fixes to the game. It concludes the Escape From Tarkov patches with all the necessary information about the latest changes and bug fixes. The leading cause of the Escape From Tarkov Error 504 Bad Gateway message is the lack of connection to the game servers. How to fix the 504 Bad Gateway error in Escape From Tarkov, which will hopefully allow you to play again.

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